Project Description



I am a former collegiate volleyball player for Texas A&M University Corpus Christi. I played for 3 years until I was injured in my Junior year and had to stop playing. I will now graduate early and Cum Laude.

I enjoy hunting and fishing in my spare time, and love going to my dad’s ranch to help fix it up!

Working out is an addiction for me, and I go to the gym everyday…but I am a sucker for sweets! Cake, cookies, ice cream and chocolate are just a few of my never-ending sugar cravings. I’m crazy and “out there”, and if you ever catch me without a smile on my face, alert the media.

I love being able to get out on Jeff’s amazing ranches! The wilds of Texas are like a second home to me! I am able to completely be myself, and love getting to do things that I am very accustomed to such as shooting and driving ranch equipment! Although there is a lot about it I am not yet used to like riding in helicopters and modeling on $500,000 cars! I’m just a simple girl who loves cake and shooting stuff. I couldn’t be more blessed to be a part of such a fabulous organization!


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