Name’s Lacy. Young, though my heart’s getting’ pretty old. I’m not like most girls, so don’t repeat yourself. My brother has Down’s Syndrome and if he weren’t so special he’d be Elvis. I love traveling, though I hate packing. I’ve always had that 4.0 grade point average. I don’t talk for my health. I don’t shave my legs everyday…it’s tedious. I enjoy a sweet smile and a cold Dr. Pepper. I pay for anything I want (aka I have a job, sometimes two!) I’m not that cool, but I’m cooler than your girlfriend. I’m majoring in Business and minoring in Psychology. I’m spiritual not religious. I don’t have a problem with making the first move. I’m decently good at every sport I try. I love country dancing, so spin me! I’m impulsive and not embarrassed easily, good thing or bad thing? I’ll let you decide. I never ate Play Dough as a kid and I never wore shoes…It’s still hard to keep them on me. I’ll always see the best in any given situation and I’ll make a joke about it, so take me lightly. I’ve known EVERYTHING since I was 14, but then again what woman doesn’t?